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Products of Taiwan

Needtek range

In recent times a number of product have become available from Taiwanese manufacturers that are distributed in the UK by various smaller importing businesses.

Ontime Systems have evaluated a range of these low cost units and is able to offer this equipment with some degree of confidence in the items listed below. As value for money items we believe them to be better than most and all use standard supplied like replacement ink ribbons that are commonly available at reasonable prices. (Buyers should beware of very low cost equipment with expensive or short-lived consumable items.)

Needtek TS-350

This machine is a traditional side printing unit suitable for Job Costing and documentation audit. This type is widely used in the motor trade for warrantee claim records required of dealers supporting manufacturers with remedial workshop activities.

The print mechanism will operate through several layers of NCR (No Carbon Required) document sets.

Also available for use with type of clock are Staff Attendance Record Cards available for weekly (4-records per day) settlement periods. (Card Type 10-800292-1)

This unit is not ex-stock but with normal delivery in 2 - 3 working days.

Mail Order Price (Ex. VAT)
TS-350 £ 240.00

Note: The principle advantage of this Needtek unit is that it is supplied with full use battery back-up support. This means it can be continued for use even when a power cut is evident which is useful if job time have to be recorded as interupted because of power supply failures.

This battery function is limited by the battery charged state and when discharged the time memory settings are protected by a further Circuit Board battery which enables complete recovery when power is restored.


Needtek TM-920

Uses a UK standard 6 column weekly card with the basic In OUT arrangement. The TM-920 prints with a dual colour ink ribbon for audit of exceptional registrations. These models have signal chimes and a relay output for tea break bell signals.

Movement across the clock card can be automatic by way of preset program time together with colour changes and audible signals. Full instructions are contained in the supplied user manual.

This range of clocks is available with full use battery support as standard together with 10-slot expandable card rack.

Longer 25-slot card racks are available at competative prices either contstructed in ABS plastic or fabricated steel for more robust environments.

Mail Order Price (Ex. VAT)
TM-920 £ 198.00

Note: Ontime Systems no longer hold the Needtek TM-920 in stock as we are now aware that the importing distributor is selling this model on E-Bay at trade prices with a view to securing future card sales at inflated prices. We will supply this unit to special order but suggest this may only be at times when customers require the external bell operation connections which we upgrade to comply with UK electrical safety requirements. The price remains as listed with these modifications added to the equipment.

Our card pricing for this clock remain as listed in our standard pricing. (Clocks Cards 102115-1 or 106532)