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Conventional Time Clocks

Many businesses start out without need of staff attendance recording clocks but as numbers grow paper systems become unwieldy and fraught with inaccurate records that can, in extreme circumstances, be disputed. The immediate answer sometimes appears to be the installation of a simple conventional time clock.

There are a host of cheap and cheerful clocks available and many that will extol the virtues of lowest price etc. We, at Ontime Systems Ltd, appreciate the value and importance of reliable record keeping once it has been implemented into a business regime. Therefore, we only offer a selected reputable range of recorders of proven quality that we can support into the future rather than chop and change every time a new "cheapy" appears.

Self-Calculating Time Clocks

This type of equipment is relatively restricted although a number of Legacy Systems are still available. Generally Self-Calculating Clocks fall into two categories those that stand alone and print results onto a conventional clock card while others link to line printers either internally fitted or externally connected. Some of these recorders link to Personal Computers and are enabled by special communication programs that set-up the clocks and receive / print reports albeit that the computations have been achieved within the clock system itself.

Self-Calculating clocks have the benefit of instant reporting to the employee using the system but the down side is that they are usually restricted to a limited number of users and short periods of reconciliation.

Computer Linked & Portable Time Clocks

This is a similar type of equipment to that of self calculating and sometimes spans those systems as well as providing a different approach by way of collecting data with a USB memory module or Flash Ram Module. Some of these clocks use a bar coded paper card as the basis of registration and other some form of plastic card, token or even finger print scanning. Usually the data files captured onto the memory media is transferred by hand to an appropriate computer system and further software or spreadsheets are used to display the records.

Computer Based Systems

Computer based systems offer a broad range of functionality with little restraint on numbers of people or clocks connected to a system. Most systems comprise of some data capture terminals used by employees making registrations by way of an identifying token. Tokens range from simple Magnetic Swipe cards, Bar Coded cards, Punch Coded cards or Proximity Tokens that are simply passed close to the terminals to achieve a registration. Some finger scanning systems are also available usually associated with a token or PIN code technology for look-up purposes.

Essentially computer based systems collect, collate and calculate employee registrations using rules set-up by management within a suitable application program. Application Programs vary in complexity some producing simple weekly or period reports whereas others commonly pass the results of the initial computation to a database from where a report generator can produce multitudinous reports based on search criteria.

Many computer based system's Application Programs are modular and are priced on the basis of numbers of employees / data terminals, numbers of user / computer terminals and functional modules like Attendance Recording, Job Time Recording / Cost Centre attribution and Access Control. Most have a Personnel Record database availability and some form of data-link to popular payroll programs and spreadsheet packages.

Special Offers

From time to time we have available ex-demonstration equipment, superseded models, returned rental equipment, new promotional lines or very creditable value for money equipment. We bring these items to your attention as they may not be available for long and could be subject to promotion on E-bay or other publicised outlets.

Other Products

You may be surprised at the Other Products with which we are involved and have expertise. These range from Security Patrol Clocks, Master Clocks and Systems, Documentation Time Stamping, Commercial (Radio Controlled) Display Clocks, Outside Weatherproof Clocks, Time Signal Sounders and Identity Systems.

Legacy Systems

These are systems that are no longer manufactured but that we continue to support and sometimes supply as second user equipment. In a fast moving technical world often these systems are still valid in user terms but manufactures feel the need to move on. Where manufactures and some suppliers are unable to support such equipment we are happy to do so as long as we have the expertise and where-with-all to do so. If your particular bit of kit is not listed then <Contact-us> and AAsk.