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 MAX ER-Range

Manufactured in Japan by a huge company with interests in power tools and all manner of plant equipment the MAX brand is not necessarily the first name to come to mind for clocks. However, this range of equipment is of high quality and especially suitable for light industrial and commercial applications. The clocks come with a variety of specifications but all prevent over-stamping of previous records and support exception marking of late records.

MAX ER-1600


MAX ER-1600 & card



The MAX ER-1500 supports a simple elapsed time calculation system whereby the daily time total is printed onto the clock card in column five. This means that the clock can provide room for four clocking registrations a day.


MAX ER-1600 £ 345.00


MAX ER-2700

Self calculating time recorder using columns 5 & 6 for Daily Basic and Extra time totals. These can be calculated in optional minutes or decimal fractions of an hour. Late or exceptional transaction can be highlighted in RED. This unit can calculate up to 150 employees per period with final totals printed in lower section of card. Periods can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

MAX ER-2700 & Weekly Card

MAX ER-2700 £ 425.00

MAX ER-2200PC (Best Buy)

This model is exactly the same to look at as the former MAX ER-2200 except this model sports a Flash RAM slot to extract the employee transaction records.

This unit is supplied with a USB Flash RAM reader, 128Mb module and MAXiTime application program suitable for implementation on a user's Windows based Personal Computer.

All records are calculated on the basis of user's working rules and available as printed records or transfer files to spreadsheets and payroll.

Weekly records are archived to historical database for each employee.

MAX ER-2200 PC £ 495.00

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