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Self Calculating Recording with computer link

Microtime 4

Microtime must be regarded as one of the most versatile and sophisticated microprocessor time recorders to emerge out of the electronic revolution. The system pre-dates the IBM PC although later models were connected with personal computers by way of appropriate software.

The system is fully compliant with year 2000 and rock solid in operation. It uses a punched badge with optical reader and every transaction can be recorded onto an in- built tally roll printer. It sports full use battery backup, memory retention over months of disconnection and fail safe period record printing so nothing can be lost.

The calculation functions still surpass many PC based software packages with both hourly paid and flexitime running within the same machine. Remote and multiple terminal systems extended the flexibility of this system together with attendance annunciation panels for reception use.

The only restriction is that of memory as at the time of manufacture memory chips were very expensive and so some constraints are evident. The maximum number of staff using the master terminals is 200 with up to 8-records per day per person. An employee name table is not available for tally roll printing where record are listed by badge number.

The manufacturers overcame the memory constraints by way of their own PC software package, Data Express, that still runs in an MS/DOS (Windows Comand) environment.

Manufacture was discontinued in the mid 1990's in the wake of consecutive take-overs of the Microtime business by owners who's interests were diverted to other product areas.


We have several of these unit available for second user sale or rental due to a customer upgrading their system to a PC based operation.

Most of these Microtime 4c have serial (RS232) comms boards and can be connected to a Personal Computer for management convenience.

This product is not generally regarded as being suitable for self-installation as a degree of programming experience is required to exploit the functions of the calculation facilities. We have have achieved this work in our workshop for delivery to customer only requiring the units for stand-alone operation but serial connection may require our assistance.