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Early Calculating Time Clocks

Microtime 4

Microtime 4c seen here with an accompanying remote terminal

Ontime Systems Limited is still able to offer full hardware and software support for this fine system of staff time recording.

We are fully experienced in programming the internal functions of the machine to provide complete and accurate attendance time calculations for staff over weekly or other standard periods.

Ontime Systems also have available a Windows based communication program for PC linked version to be managed from a desk top PC.

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Infotime 10


Infotime 9 with earlier style key pad and pen for use with employee signature verification on exposed tally roll.

This robust and rugged time recorder is to be found in many industrial work locations giving long and useful service.

Many users have lost track of the original supplier for these clocks, as most items required for every day use like ink ribbons and paper rolls are available from stationery suppliers.

We are no longer able to provide support for this system or the later InfoTime 10 units

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Timelord VX


Timelord VX as shown on an original brochure illustrating the dual card functionality unique to this system.


Timelord VX is, perhaps, the saddest case of early equipment that showed great promise. The manufacture was discontinued in 1994 and the special paper cards finished in about 1999.

Many users continued to use this system by way of the encrypted plastic cards and Ontime Systems are able to provide continuing service for these recorders in terms of program support, some spare parts and circuit board repairs.

We also have a limited supply of insert cards for employee use and can produce paper Master Cards where original plastic ones have been lost.

Also available is a Windows communication program for PC interactivity and reports.

Timemaster Junior (later known as Timeware SA) and Workmaster Junior

Timemaster Junior in it's original grey case later upgraded to Timeware SA (Stand-Alone) in a lighter finish.

Workmaster Junior looked exactly the same but the internal firmware (software on a chip) completely changes the functionality to suit Job Time Recording.

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Ontime Systems have quite a commitment to this range of Self-Calculating time recorders. Originally delveloped by Northwest Micro Design for use with an external serial printer these clock were quickly adapted for connection to PCs.

The original MS/DOS based communication program were eventually outdated by the advent of Windows 95 and later 32-bit operating systems and the manufacturers more or less forgot the product in favour of wider based PC applications using their dumb terminal.

The product was later re-launched under the Timestart lable but, meawhile, we at Ontime Systems had developed our own Windows based communcation program called TimeCare that stored the weekly records from the clock and allowed management to update names and functional settings.

In parallel with the Timemaster Ontime Systems also supported the Workmaster version with similar software support in the form of TaskTime that also contained Job Database file suitable for small business enterprises.

TimeCare and TaskTime software packages are still available to existing users of these earlier NMD products together with harware support in the form of spare parts and circuit board repairs.