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WinBase Software (Formerly marketed as EasyTime)

WinBase formerly marketed by Ontime Systems Limited as EasyTime has been undergoing a complete redevelopment to bring it into the dot NET environment now being supported by Microsoft.

WinBase is an entirely UK developed application with more than a 20-year history of enhancement to include a comprehensive spread of user requirements ranging from manufacturing through leisure, retail and the caring industries and practices.

WinBase is associated with many time terminal data capture models from various manufacturers including those supplied by Ontime Systems notable the earlier Intagral units, Accu-Tech terminals and Infotime terminals of various types.

We are currently seeking feedback from users of Intagral terminals that may become difficult to use in the future due to Micronet having withdrawn the availability of their OnTime Pro application for equipment of their manufacture notably Intagral Lite, Intagral Next, earlier Intagral Plus and Intagral Portable models. <More details> is an extremely comprehensive Time and Attendance application suitable for larger business operations or where a true file and record locking network capability is available over Local or Wide area networks.

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Users of the listed Intagral terminals needing replacement software of a simple operation click <Here>