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Value Added Service
from Ontime Systems

Definition of a Cynical Buyer "A person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing"
Oscar Wilde-Derived from Lady Windermere's Fan, 1893, Act lll

Customers reaching this page will have clicked on our culture link either in curiosity or by mistake.

There is, however, serious intent behind this timeless quote that is now over one hundred years old. The plain fact is we now live in an age when nearly everyone thinks that bargain prices are the norm and the devil takes the hindmost.

Well in this web site we like to think that we treat our prospective and established customer with a little more respect and, hopefully, give best advice for the benefit of our customers and their own businesses.

Selling too cheap puts our business at risk of failure and in many ways if we fail then customers may well regret purchasing equipment or services from us. Therefore, we operate a defined pragmatic Pricing Policy in connection with profitability against our sales and service.

Every businessperson knows the value of margins. Large retail business can sustain small margins with great volumes and smaller businesses require bigger margins where business volumes are lower. It is a dangerous gamble to try and sustain small margins in a low volume business sector.

Ontime Systems Limited has been around for long enough to have witnessed many suppliers of our type of equipment disappear for the very reason of not maintaining sufficient profitability in their trading.

Our answer is not to overstock or be over ambitious in our estimates as to the market demands year on year coupled with a respect for the amount of time order fulfilment requires.

And there is the rub - TIME. How much time can a supplier spend on each order that enables them to gain sufficient income to cover their overheads and staff costs?

TIME - the very resource we aspire to give advice on how, to manage and monitor the effective and profitable usage. Undervaluing time is the first twist to the vicious spiral of unprofitability and many a box shifting enterprise has fallen foul of this oversight in management.

Our prices may not be the cheapest available for given items of equipment but customers can be assured that all items shipped will be tested, quality assured by us and probably set up to suit individual user's requirements.

This also saves customers time in reading obtuse multi-model manuals, avoids disappointment and, maybe, embarrassing implementation of a sensitive system associated with staff management.

We look forward to continuing service to discerning customers but those that want something for near nothing they will have to go elsewhere.

Do you value your business TIME?