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Why do we say this product is our best buy? The reason is simple - it is Unique!

Many clock card clocks are available that simply add up the cards. Some do it better than others but all are constrained by the internal operating system. Quite apart from this users have to fiddle with buttons and strange menu systems and odd displays to achieve any results. The outcome is often disappointment and lack of use.

On the other hand systems based purely on computer programs and swipe card systems are totally reliant on the Personal Computer environment. If the PC goes down or files become corrupted there is no fall back position until the computer is revived. These events can be more than irritating when a payroll has to be completed no matter how rare an eventuality. If historical records are lost then what may be an irritation can develop into a disaster in terms of an employer's obligations to keep employment records.

Larger organisation may be able to manage these problems with greater resources and back to back processing plus disciplined or automatic external backups.

Smaller organisation need simple solutions that are robust and do not demand high levels of computer know how to achieve.

We believe the MAX ER-220PC is the solution for simple operational staff time recording. The paper card records are available as a fall back in case of computer system malfunctions but, meanwhile, users retain the convenience of computed time records aggregated into payable time for each week or other periods. The simple to use software is easier and more intuitive to set up than self-calculation time clocks and the records are stored in convenient historical files.

Multiple sites can be managed without expensive communication links. Just one Flashram memory module can be used for several units visited by a supervisor. Alternatively, raw data files can be transmitted to a central location as e-mail attachments from a local reader / PC combination or even post the chip by Royal Mail.

Quite apart from this MAXiTime also enables links to spreadsheets or payroll programs after calculating the basic time records into gross hours and minutes for payment. (i.e. Basic rate and three rates for overtime.)

A further less obvious benefit is that the software is developed "In House" at Ontime Systems Limited. It is geared entirely to UK working practice and not compromised by overseas operations. The programming is carried out with minimum reliance upon Microsoft library functions so virtually immune from update corruption and does not demand a high overhead in processor or memory usage. (i.e. It is not the usual Microsoft Bloatware!)

Our watchword is keep it so simple to use Auntie Gladys would find it OK. This means costly training can be avoided especially where operating staff may be from a transient labour market.

We will, inevitably, refine and improve the software but without making it complicated. Shortly we will add a function to print the clock cards directly from the database using your word processor.

The MAX ER-2200PC supplied complete with FlashRam module, USB reader and operational software to calculate employee working times for payment plus linking and database filing, Card Storage Rack and 2-pack stock of Clock Cards -

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(for multiple number of clocks or systems.)

We believe this product is genuinely an advantageous system to implement in any business that is valued by it's owners.

MAX ER-2200 PC £ 495.00


We offer a money back guarantee if purchaser are not entirely satisfied with the functions and performance of the MAX ER-2200PC and MAXiTime application combination.