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Time-Precision Range

Dial Type

TP-100 £170.00

TP-100 & TP-200

These two model recorders are now available only with digital time displays. Both use the standard UK six-column clock card but can also be programmed to use a variety of special cards. The TP-200 uses a dual colour ink ribbon for exceptional registrations and full use battery back-up is available as an optional extra for either type.

The units are packaged with a 10-slot expandable and extendable card rack plus a starter pack of clock cards.

Mail Order Prices (Ex. VAT)

Back Up Battery Kit £ 25.00


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TP-200 £200.00




TP-300 £210.00


TP-300 Side Print Recorder (Manual alignment)

This is the latest addition to the Time-Precision range of equipment and is an adjustable documentation or job card printer. This type of recorder is used widely for maintenance and service time logging on standard job time cards but can also be used for attendance recording in small workshops or special document time stamping where time is of importance like courier dispatch or receiving is involved. The time imprints delivered from this machine can be set-up to include full date, numbering decimal fractions of hours and either left or right hand alignment.