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Magnetic Swipe Cards

Magnetic swipe card readers are probably the most widely used form of swipe card reader utilising the middle track (Track 2) of a standard ISO (International Standards Organisation) magnetic stripe plastic "credit" card.

ISO standard degrees the use of all three tracks of these cards originally expected to be used by banking and retails sectors.

Cards are generally encoded by two methods one being Low Coercivity (LoCo) and the other High Coercivity (HiCo). LoCo means low magnetism is used to code the cards and is used for short lived cards encoded by low cost equipment. HiCo cards are just the opposite usually supplied pre-encoded by suppliers of systems of Access Control or T & A, or point of Sale products.

MR readers from Indala make an impressive array of smart internal and external quality swipe card readers

Swipe Card Readers
SRS Magnetic

Magnetic Swipe Card Readers

One of the smallest magnetic swipe card readers available on the market the SRS model is packed into a robust weatherproof housing. Suitable for door frame mounting inside or outside a building. Two coloured LEDs give an indication of operation and acceptance of swipe card transactions.

Bar Coded Swipe

Not often used for security applications industry standard bar codes are usually found only with T & A or shop floor data collection systems. However, infra-red masked codes are sometimes employed where both security and time products are integrated.

An interesting and long standing hybrid system is that of the TDSi encrypted bar code system that uses a highly robust yet tiny optical code reader. The integrity of these cards is held by TDSi who only ever produce a single card for a given serial number so each card is unique. It is probably impossible to duplicate one of these cards that have been widely used in Ministry of Defence manufacturing establishments.