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Intagral Portable with OnTime Pro
including security box mounting.


InTagral Portable (Sold Out)

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Durable, low cost, battery operated time management solution uses two standard Alkaline batteries size "C" for about 12-months operation. Low Battery indication enables timely replacement. System retains memory by way of lithium secondary cell.

Fast, Easy to install with minimum setup and installation requirements.

Supplied complete with 25 cards and windows software:


Amano Model CP-3000 (Refurbished)

The Amano CP-3000 is now a discontinued product but the card format used remains very popular. We know of no other time recorder that can use this type of consecutive printing card - 103302-1. Therefore we have undertaken to refurbish as many of these fine machines as we can obtain.
The clock is capable of two colour printing for late record audit plus facilities to operate two bell circuits against a comprehensive weekly program.

Inferior photograph to be replaced shortly

This is probably the last type of robust conventional time recording machine available.
We may also have available a model CP-3200 when it is returned from loan to a customer which uses the popular card style 103464-1.