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This page is for specially arranged orders made by e-mail

Please be advised that this page can only be accessed by e-mail invitation as is intended for customers who have placed special orders with the Company and wish to pay by credit card or PayPal the internet banking system.

Customers reaching this page will find their order listed below and if the details are acceptable then simply click on the Pay Now button and this will take the user through to the PayPal payment facility.

Customers are requested to contact us before committing to payment if any detail is incorrect.

Order Invoice Reference No.15610

Comprising items listed on the above invoice dated 12/02/18
Addressed to: Hepburn Fabrication Services Ltd
62 West Harbour Road

For the attention of : Jim Murray

Supply 20 off Timestart 3-digit magnetic swipe cards

Order Invoice Reference No.15612

Comprising items listed on the above invoice dated 06/04/18
Addressed to: Jakub Orlankowicz
Orlankowicz Intelligent Solutions
221 St John Hill
London SW11 1TH

Supply of duplicated CD
Ontime Pro V1.6.2 application

Order Invoice Reference