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Seiko Model QR-395

Seiko QR-395 supplied with expandable rack plus a stater pack of clock cards.

Seiko QR-395

To satisfy various customers' needs, the QR-395 offers a variety of print styles.

Various card types are selectable. Weekly card 106532-1 &
TC QR-375 card,

Calculates the elapsed time between IN/OUT punches and also prints a running total of accumulated time. (with a TC QR-375 card)

A maximum of 100 cards can be automatically registered and used in any period with TC QR-375 card.

An optional full use battery pack is also available with easy use plug-in connector.

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£ 325.00


Multicard Attendance Time Recorder

• Simple operation for recording the time of IN/OUT punches. Up to 4 columns per day or unlimited punches per day using a TC-QR-375 card is selectable.

• One line per day or unlimited lines per day is selectable.

• Monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly is selectable for pay period.

• For avoiding double punches in the same column. Automatic shifting print column is available with a TC QR-375 card.

Weekly program can be set when you use a 106532-1 weekly card, or a bi-weekly card.

• Users can program 2 types of schedules (when using the unit with calculation). Common schedule/Extra schedule

• Selectable 6 print formats Date + 24 hour, Day of the week + 24 hour, 24 hour in large font, AM/PM, Date + AM/PM, or Day of the week + AM/PM

• The unit resumes when the power returns after a power outage without any need for re-setting the date or time.

• You can set the automatic daylight saving time program.

• The languages English · Spanish · German · French · Italian · Portuguese can be selected to print the days of the week when applicable print format is selected.

• You can set the special mark printing that makes it possible to easily see an employee's late in or early out.

• The unit can be used on a table-top or mounted on a wall..