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OnTime Pro Help & Support

Upgrading OnTime Pro

Upgrading an earlier version of OnTime Pro prior to version 1.4.9 to 1.6.0 or later editions requires that an incremental update is performed whereby first the old software is update to version 1.4.9 then further updated to version 1.5.X and finally updated to version 1.6.X. (X represents an arbitrary sub-set version of the 1.5 or 1.6 upgrades.) This is because the database association with the program was significantly altered during the development period spanning these upgrades and needs to be modified step by step. (Note: Versions 1.5.X were short-lived Internet registered versions of the software that are no longer issued to customers for operational use.)

User should obtain a complete back-up of their systems before commencing any alterations to their OnTime Pro systems.

However, where users only have older Intagral terminals and are unable to use a HASP licence key they have very few options to keep the OnTime Pro system operational. In all cases the older versions of the software will need to upgrade to the none HASP reliant editions and either a new clock with an embedded license obtained or occasional connection available to one of these models.

Changing Computers or Operating Systems

A common cause for concern is where customer upgrade their computer systems from one version of Windows to another or even swap computers entirely. (Note: At present Micronet are not supporting the Windows 7 operating system.)

Later versions of Windows require that the HASP Run Time Drivers are upgraded to match the new operating system. These may be obtained free of charge from the following web site specifically it is the HASP4 driver that needs to be obtained.

Changing computer may also require this HASP4 driver upgrade but first the current version of OnTime Pro being used should be installed onto the new computer. This will set-up a virgin system with blank databases on the new computer.

Next the driver upgrade should be carried out in order to eliminate the "Demonstration Mode" legend being displayed on the opening dialog screen for OnTime Pro.

Finally, a copy of the entire "Database" folder should be copied from the previously used computer and pasted over the folder of the same name that resides below the OnTime Pro folder that in itself resided within the Program files folder.

If a later version of OnTime Pro is being installed on a new computer in association with a new Intagral clock then the incremental upgrades to the original program need to be carried out before transferring the database across to the new computer. Alternatively, install the program as described in the previous paragraph and then upgrade incrementally.

OnTime Pro Upgrades

A limited number of Previously Owned Intagral Plus terminals together with Windows 7 compatible Ontime Pro systems are available from Ontime Systems Limited as a complete package including the Intagral unit, CD containing the latest software and 25-cards. Triple upgrade CDs containing versions 1.4.9, 1.5.2 and 1.6.X can be supplied to bring existing systems forward to the Windows 7 environment.

OnTime System Limited can supply license holders with duplicated CD recorded versions of OnTime for a duplication charge of £50.00 plus carriage.

Triple upgrade CDs containing versions 1.4.9, 1.5.2 and 1.6.X cost £65.00 plus carriage.

These disks mostly self-install but due to the vagaries of the originally supplied versions some intervention by persons installing the software will be required. A full instruction sheet is provided with all disks.

E-mail support is available from Ontime Systems Limited by way of:

Telephone support is available by way of: 0 (44) 1844 358220


Note: Telephone / e-mail and other remote software support is offered to none contract customers on the basis of the first 15-minutes in any 30-day period free. Thereafter, if a greater amount of time is expended during the period our charges are £55.00 per hour including the original 15-minutes. Time expended on research or back room support is also charged at these rates when an appropriate Service Report will be provided to customers at the time of invoicing. Protracted support passing through an initial 30-day period will be charged at the end of each period.