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Thamesdown Transport Limited

Ontime Systems Limited have just completed a comprehensive Access Control System installation for the Thamesdown Transport Company within their new prestigious Bus Depot at Swindon.

The system comprises ten doors within the main building and two external gate entrances all controlled from a central computer application program with Ethernet connection to each door controller. The communication protocol is the standard Internet TCP/IP that enables real time monitoring of each access point.

The system chosen for this installation by Ontime Systems is that of Microgarde ® manufactured by Time & Data Systems International Limited of Poole, Dorset with whom Ontime Systems have a long relationship. The system uses a mixture of Microgarde ® Model MG1 and MG2 Access Control Units (ACUs) with one of the MG2 providing high security access by way of an airlock facility to the main cash handling office.

The high security aspect of the cash handling office is achieved by an MG2, (two door ACU), monitoring the status of two cash office doors, (an outer and inner lobby), in tandem never allowing both to be open or unlocked simultaneously. Robust ASSA ® motorised deadlocks fitted into BSI standard steel doors, (supplied by others), provide the physical security and the locks are linked electronically with the door controller.

All the door and gate controllers are able to act independently if disconnected from the controlling computer as the local instructions are downloaded and stored within each unit. Event activities are stored in a log that can be recovered by the computer when communication is restored. All controllers are fully battery supported for operation during power cuts.

Most of the remaining doors are restrained by small magnetic locks with the staff using their existing magnetic swipe cards to activate access where they are enabled. Magnetic swipe card readers were supplied by Indala Ltd, (Formerly a division of Motorola), another direct manufacturing supplier to Ontime Systems Limited.

This maintains Ontime Systems' policy of having direct relationships with manufacturers of the principle equipment supplied on our installations although other less important items like press to exit buttons, break glass switches are obtained from distributed sources.

In addition to the new bus depot installation Ontime Systems have installed a supplementary Access System for Thamesdown Transport at their Swindon Town Centre crew amenity quarters again using the TDSi ® Microgarde ® equipment.



Ontime Systems Limited is proud to maintain it's Preferred Installer Status with Time an Data Systems International Ltd (TDSi) and it's more recent relationship with Indala Limited