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Time Recorders

When a business has been trading for the number of years that Ontime Systems has been doing so then inevitably equipment sold becomes obsolete or just superseded by later models and technology.

This does not mean that older equipment will not serve the purpose that it was intended for and is some cases it may be more appropriate for it to remain operational. We continue to maintain and support equipment as far as practicable and some of these items are listed on the side panel or may be found illustrated below.

If items are not found listed then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to identify the equipment that you are interested in maintaining and giving you best advise as to how to progress.

Many smaller items can be returned to our workshop for inspection and a fixed price quotation prepared prior to any work being completed.

Our senior technicians welcome the chance to renovate historic clocks like the one illustrated here, which was returned to the owners and graces the reception lobby of their modern new factory.

Clock Systems

Clock systems often operating from Master Clocks are more problematic as these will require site visits. They may incorporate public display clocks that will be embarrassing for owners to have in a state of disrepair. We specialise in the repair of Gent, IBM/ITR, English Clock and Simplex master clock control systems. We will not overcharge for this work and often an initial survey is free or just charged at travel costs for our technician if a distance or overnight accommodation is required.

Access Control

Readers will have probably gathered that Ontime Systems have been involved installing access systems for quite a long time principally those manufactured by Time & Data Systems Limited, (TDSi), of Poole. Premises vacated by businesses that have this equipment installed often leave it difficult for new owners to ascertain who can advise them about these systems. We label our installations but it is the nature of security systems that the control equipment is installed discreetly in ceiling voids and understair cupboards etc. so new owners may have difficulty finding us.

We were not alone installing early TDSi equipment as Chubb Alarms also used this as equipment of choice so there could be quite a few systems about just waiting to be brought back to operation again save for the lack of a little tender loving care.