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Legacy Software

Intagral for MS/DOS

Intagral for MS/DOS is the original software provided for use with the Intagral Portable battery operated swipe card time clock. The program was updated to comply with the year 2000 changeover and renamed OnTime but has since been superseded by a Windows version called OnTime Pro.

OnTime for MS/DOS runs perfectly well in an MS/DOS (Command.com) window in all version of Windows up to Windows XP and presents itself as a simple solution for employers who do not need a sophisticated calculation regime. It is capable of generating straightforward report based upon the records obtained from the Intagral terminal namely clock card reports for weekly or any other period requirements. There is also a user defined export facility to transfer selected data out to standard spreadsheets etc.

OnTime Systems are able to supply the latest update version of this product that does not require end user licensing although it is probably not much use without an Intagral Portable time terminal. This software is not compatible with other Intagral terminals that are later addition to the range.

Ontime Systems have adapted the use of this software to other equipment like access control unit listings but the operation is a bit messy.

Timeware 3, Timeware 4 & Timeware 5

There cannot be many users of Timeware 3 but we still have a copy of this program should users find their system becomes corrupted or lost through a PC change. We have not tested this product in a Windows 2000 or XP environment but it would probably work OK under the Command.com window. (Probably very fast too!) If users want to resurrect an old system this software does not require registration but we make a small charge for disk duplication and instructions.

Timeware 4 is in a similar situation as Timeware 3 and is a much more sophisticated but modularised program which was brought about by the constraints of the old MS/DOS 6 operating system. The minor contention of year 2000 dates are probably a none issue for users today as records from that year will fall into the correct order.

However, if users wish to resurrect the use of this software they will need an original registration code, as it is unlikely the originators will have the systems available to generate replacements. It is possible that the new AutoTime Premium software will prove compatible with older Timeware terminals but this will have to be purchased as a new product.

Timeware 5 support is still available from Ontime Systems and transferring this registered product from one PC to another can be accomplished without difficulty. The new owners are quite willing to issue replacement codes but point out that future development will be confined to the replacement program Auto:Time Premium.

Shiftlord & Flexlord

Support for these two software products has necessarily demised, as we are no longer aware of any remaining users. Ontime Systems inherited these programs from All-Time System Ltd of Northampton that ceased trading in about 1995. We may be able to help customers who come across us by way of the Internet and are still using one these applications. We have tools to reduce the original Novell btrieve file sizes by date range that the developers seem to have overlooked.

Ultragard 6 to 8 (No not a spelling mistake but a generic name)

We retain a passing acquaintance with this software product and a full copy of the version 8 issue for customers requiring support. The use of this product has diminished over the past few years and it takes us a little while to get our heads around the functionality of this early day TDSi Windows based application. Some of the functions are pretty obtuse in terms of where they are to be found within the somewhat disjointed menu system but then we didn't know any better at the time.


Don't even ask! We never sold it, as it was always a dog. If you have some TDSi Timelord V5 terminals it is unlikely there is any software available although we may be able to interface with our MaxiTime product if you are willing to cross our palms with loads of money.