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"Time is money" an often quoted expression and no more true that at the present.

Just look at the cost. (Average Wage as David Mercer report and 41/2 minutes lateness based on 97 minutes per month.)

Plus Employer's National Insurance Contributions, new Employeer's Pension Contributions and the loss of Value Added Production/Service revenue. (To obtain a copy of the Excel spreadsheet used to produce the chart above Contact Us. Then adjust the per hour Average Wage cost for your business and see how it works out.)

Most businesses without some form of unbiased staff attendance recording will be loosing 12-minutes a day per employee due to unpunctuality or nearly late arrivals using the toilet facilities to wash and brush-up before commencing work. Likewise, end of day working for hand washing and toileting.

Similar time losses can be experienced in connection with break periods especially unsupervised lunch breaks which will easily double the time losses to 24-minutes per employee per day.

It may seem hard to consider expecting staff to register their times of arival and departure from their place of work but most hourly paid staff have little appreciation of their costs to a business. In fact, it is probable that most salaried paid staff pay scant attention to their actual value to a business in terms of revenue earning let alone their actual cost to the business.

There is no need to implement a time recording system as a punitive measure against employees. It should be used as a way of reenforcing the the value a business places on the labour hours and skills of each employee. It should also introduce a regime of fairness whereby it is difficult for a minority of employees to get away with bad attendance while their colleagues cover for them.

Above all a Staff Attendance System should enable the management of a business to be more efficient thus helping to ensure the stability of employment for all concerned. (There is nothing efficient in trying to remember who worked when last week or taking in written up time sheets.)

Unbiased Staff Attendance Records will also stand a business in good stead if a dispute arises with a recalcidrent employee who may take a business to a tribunal hearing. The presence of sound personel recording procedures will largely eliminate the risk of this costly and time consuming activity.

The implementation and requirement of a staff Attendance System should be consider carefully as it will vary from busines to business. However, a properly organised system will undoubtedly benefit a business both finacially and in broader management terms. BUSINESSES BUY LABOUR HOURS AND IN EFFECT SELL THEM ON TO CUSTOMERS AT AN ADDED VALUE TO COVER ALL THE FIXED COSTS AND INVESTMENT INCOME RETURNS.

Management should strive to manage the labour resouces available to the business with the same assiduousness as that of normal financial controls.