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Intagral Range of Time Terminals (Discontinued - Click for details)


Models Left to Right.

Intagral Plus Biometric

Intagral Plus Proximity

(Note Inagral Plus Magnetic has the same look as the Proximity unit but with swipe card slot.)

Centre Bottom

Intagral Battery Portable


The Intagral range of time terminals represent a value for money range of data collection equipment sporting low cost magnetic card readers, bar code readers, proximity token readers and biometric validation options. There is also a low cost portable battery operated unit with multidrop serial communication or simply lift off and take to a suitable computer.

The Intagral Plus versions are available with network connectivity (TCP/IP) and full function keypads for additional data input. The Lite model is supplied with serial communication output with a multidrop RS485 capability by way of a suitable adaptor available from the accessories range. Intagral Portable is supplied as a portable kit complete with flying lead to connect with the serial port of any computer, 25 standard magnetic swipe cards, lockable mounting plate and standard dry cell batteries (2) included.

While all of these terminals may be incorporated into an existing program environment we normally supply them complete with the application program OnTime Pro suitable for medium size enterprises, (up to 500 employees), and small businesses.