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Amano Budget Range

Dial Type

BX-1500 £185.00

(Exclusive of VAT & Carriage)


Functional Specifications:

  • Simple programming and operation

  • Full power reserve ensure operation during power failure EX-3500-1 only
  • Automatically advances year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time
  • Prints time in regular or military time; AM or PM, 0-23 hours, minutes, tenths or hundredths
  • Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll
  • Automatic IN/OUT positioning at the pre-programmed time BX-1600 & EX-3500 only
  • Automatic card feed/standard
  • Two color printing to show irregular time EX-3500 only
  • Built-in signal device EX-3500 only
  • Surface detection function for correct printing position
  • High-quality dot matrix printer clean, clear printing
  • Large, easy to read clock dial or Digital Display on BX-1600
  • Battery backup
  • Table or wall mount

  • More details on request




BX-1500 & BX-1600
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These two model recorders are as traditional analogue or modern digital time displays. Both use the standard UK six-column clock card (102115-1) but can also be programmed to use a variety of special cards. They both have easlly changed ink ribbons type CE319250 for clear single colour printing.

The BX-1600 also provides for automatic traversing of the clock card against user settings for shift times plus highlighted irregular clockings. This unit can also be used for double sided cards for bi-weekly and monthly periods.

The above units are packaged with a 10-slot expandable and extendable card rack plus a starter pack of clock cards.


Amano Model EX-3500N

Similar to its less specified cousins in the BX series the EX-3500N brings further engineered for value and simplicity. The EX-3500N Series is an electronic time recorder designed specifically for small businesses to easily and accurately log employee punch times.

The above unit is packaged with a 25 -slot expandable and extendable card rack plus a starter pack of clock cards.

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All Mail Order Prices (Exclusive of VAT & Carriage)


BX-1600 £200.00

(Exclusive of VAT & Carriage)


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 7½"W x 8¾"H x 5"D
Weight: 5.1 lbs.
Power source: 110/120 VAC or 220/240 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 5W (minimum), 30W (maximum)
Ambient temperature: 14°F - 104°F
Relative humidity: 10-90% (non-condensing)
Environment: Indoor use only, dust free, not in direct sunlight
Printing: Dot matrix
Time card used: 3.375" wide, 0.244 spacing
Clock accuracy: +3 seconds deviation per week
Memory: Clock and programming data stored for up to 3 years without AC power


Model EX-3500 £250.00