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Access Control

How does one illustrate Access Control when most of the items are installed discreetly and mostly out of sight from the normal user?

Access Control Units are the core item(s) of any door / gate control system and are the first items to be securely located out of the way from casual interference. Often these units are located within secure cupboards or above suspended ceilings within the protected areas.

In the main they are connected to a client's computer system and maintained by software supplied for managing the operational characteristics of each unit. The principle method of communication being by way of a customer's computer network although direct wiring through serial communication is available as an standard option.

Reader Technologies

Access systems require "keys" normally in the form of machine readable tokens or cards. There are various technologies available ranging from the humble low cost magnetic swipe card to the latest "Biometric" scanning systems.

Access Control Unit (ACU)

One of TDSi's ACU's uniquely packaged with their own Infra Red Microcard reader technology.

Customers have to make up their own minds as to the suitability of one system over another bearing in mind cost, convenience and the security implications. Ontime Systems are able to offer "best advice" for system design with years of practical experience implementing access systems for various users. Our experience ranges from Ministry of Defence approval for high integrity access to defence equipment manufacturers down to simple unmanned reception lobby resistance to casual intruders.

Door Phones

Entry phone kit used to enable visitors to gain the attention of incumbent staff at a controlled access premises.


Other Equipment

Door access systems cannot be complete without the use of other equipment. Apart from Door Phones other important items include suitable locks, exit buttons (if duplicate readers are not required) and where doors are part of an emergency exit route then quick release devices are necessary.

Ontime Systems provide a range of alternative locks including simple magnetic devices, traditional mortice latch and rim lock releases plus deadlock and solenoid bolt mechanisms.

Press to Exit buttons come in a range of design and robust construction suitable for low to high traffic areas.

Emergency Break Glass Switches again are supplied coloured distinctively green for quick once only release.

Door Open Sensors are supplied to enable Aces to monitor the status of a controlled door (i.e. if it is open or closed with or without ACU permission).

Local Audible Alarm Sounders are used when required to signal if a door is left open too long, forced or opened without ACU permission.